Kevin kann es nicht lassen...

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Kevin kann es nicht lassen...

Beitragvon ChainSaw » So 23. Jul 2017, 18:17

Kevin Greutert kehrt wieder zurück!

Kevin Greutert, der Editor von Saw 1-6 als auch Regisseur von Saw 6 und Saw 3D, sahs nach den abgeschlossenen Dreharbeiten, wieder hinter den Monitoren und hat Saw 8 (Jigsaw) zusammengeschnitten-

Anspielung von Joshstolberg auf Twitter: ... 0267516928

Kevin Greutert äußert sich laut einem Forum so:

"Ha, I did edit it, but I'm not supposed to talk "off book" about it. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I headed up to Toronto for one more fling. It was fun working with the Spierigs, though I was sad that not more of the original production team was available to be on the crew, film activity is very high up there in Canada. Francois who did the gore and prosthetic effects came back, and Shelley the stunt coordinator. And very important: Urban Post did the sound, as they have on all the SAWs since 2, and of course Charlie Clouser wrote the music, and Switch did the VFX work. As it happens, I'm now in China directing a science fiction movie, so I won't be around when Jigsaw premieres (and it probably won't play in this country...), but I'll check in to see what you guys think. Also, a film I directed called JACKALS comes out September 1st, so check that out please if you're interested."

Was wünscht Ihr Euch für die SAW I - VII Box von Kinowelt?

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